02 Jun
Business: "7 Big things a Start-Up must have to succeed"

It was a pleasure for me to help "start ups" teams. In my own global experience, could be identified common behaviours and profiles shown by founders and teams.

"Passion" is the significant word that can describe teams.

"Working hard" to carry out their "dream" and "Resilience" to continue despite adverse situations.

In my perception 7 BIG Things they MUST have for success are:

1-Passion & Energy to generate innovation, to carry out projects and dynamism to quick react if face failure. Entrepreneur and enthusiastic founders to inspire the confidence of investors. Resilient & Flexible teams.

2-Reliable investors convinced on the results of the project and willing to improve their investments to carry out the process. Financial leaders with solid credibility and remarkable reputation to look for funds and give trust to investors. 

3-Focus & Discipline to establish legal frames, manage available resources and clean processes for control and audit. 

4-Diverse team members to work aligned. Expert professionals with recognized career, reputation, solid technical background, valuable relationships and young starters.

5-Conscious market understanding and strong guidance to enter the target markets supported by local experts to avoid mistakes which could cause severe damages regarding corporate image lose and economic profits even before business establishment.

6-Satisfactory performance in the design and offering -product or service-, responsible evaluation and analysis of product behaviour and environment impact, well design for delivery, storage and logistics, demand planning and follow up in production process to have stable and accurate conditions before entering scale production and commercial stage.

7-Serious quality processes implemented and respected since the 1st step to post sales to face the community and ensure sustainability.

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